C02 Cannon

White smoke and icy particles!


This custom made C02 Cannon has an inbuilt backpack for a C02 gas cannister and spray gun, with a cyber chick meets ice queen costume to boot. The custom backpack additional option is designed specifically to allow for aerial rigging, meaning your crowd can be covered in a beautiful cloud of white while our Aerialist twirls above. 

The C02 Cannon works particularly well in club environments or as part of our club entertainment options, where the C02 girl can stand next to the DJ booth and party along with the crowd.

This equipment requires safety checks and loading bay options as the C02 cannisters are heavy and require careful transport. We advise anyone wanting to hire this for a club event to make sure they have a designated entertainment manager on the night and notify venue security for additional help.

If you'd like to enquire about our C02 Cannon, feel free to submit an online quote request or send an email via info@truckedup.com.au.

C02 Cannon