From fundraisers to gala dinners, conferences and private birthday soiree, entertainment provides a beautiful moment for guests to come together. It can act as an ice-breaker, stir wonder and creativity, stimulate conversation and fund excitement. We work to create feature shows for that added wow-factor.


Performers hired for functions are always highly skilled, highly polished and rehearsed, and can engage guests without being too overbearing. Typically a combination of roving entertainment and feature acts suit, with pre-event drinks and canapes idea for roving entertainers and feature acts placed between service (Entree/Main or Main/Dessert) for sit down dinners. 

How should I include entertainers at my event?

This is completely up to the type of function you're planning and if there's a theme to the night. It may also depend on the guests you have attending and how you wish to entertain them. We can help with this so your performance option is developed with guests at the forefront of the experience. 

First consider roving performers. They're ideal for greeting guests as they arrive, placed at an entrance way or in the foyer of a venue. This can include photo opportunities and provide you with an ice-breaker and instant energy for your event. We suggest hiring performers for 30 - 60 mins, pending how long you expect guests to take to arrive or how long you'd like pre-event drinks or canapes to last for. You may also wish to have roving entertainment at a fundraiser event, tradeshow or end of year function, where you're less focused on formalities. 

Then consider a spectacular Feature show and hire items such as our show stopper Mobile Stages for that extra WOW factor to impress clients and staff. Feature acts typically run for 5 - 15 mins, pending the type of act and skill base. Some acts can be choreographed to music on request and we go that extra mile to make sure the costume is perfectly suited. Any of our entertainment options are available as a feature show, so be sure to check all performance styles and chat to us about which would suit best in your venue.

What options do we suggest?

The best options are those with high impact and WOW factor, choreographed and styled for a high calibre performance. Click on the items suggested here for more information and photos to inspire your own creative selection or contact us below with some initial event details and we'll let you know what would suit best.

If you'd like to enquire about our Function options, feel free to submit an online booking request or send an email via

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MOBILE CIRCUS STAGE                                                                             ROUE CYR                                                                                                  ADAGIO PERCH ACT

LIGHT UP CLOWN                                                                                      FIRE TROUPE                                                                                              TRIO ADAGIO 

FIRE TRUMPET UNICYCLE                                                                        ROUE CYR                                                                                                  DUO LYRA HOOP


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