We can assist with the provision of rigging for aerial performances at venues and for outdoor festivals through qualified riggers and rigging options. This typically involves a site visit by a rigger, who can provide further information on the suitability of existing options or structural rigging opportunities. 

Our Mobile Circus Stage is a wonderful portable rigging option for aerial performances (as well as stage shows for performers, DJs and bands), if indoor and outdoor rigging is required.

The information below covers some basic requirements for venues looking to support rigging for performances:

  • A single rig point that must have a point or distributed GBL (Guaranteed Breaking Load Limit) of 700kg.

  • Steel has a Safety Factor of 2.5 applied to it, so steel with a GBL of 700kg will have a WWL (Working Load Limit) of around 250kg.

  • For human loading, we apply a Safety Factor of 10 to the GBL of a point, so with a performer of 55kg, plus hardware and gear of up to 15kg, to a total of 70kg, a GBL of at least 700kg is required.

  • Minimum ceiling rigging height for the following equipment:

    • Silks / Rope / Hammock / Trapeze / Straps – 5m

    • Lyra Hoop – 3.5m

    • Swinging Pole – 3.5m

  • An inspection for suitability of rigging may be required.

  • Engineer’s documents may be required, where the rating of a point is not apparent.

  • All rigging for aerial circus acts must be installed by a qualified rigger with knowledge of aerial circus acts.

  • A safety and tech rehearsal must be undertaken by the performer prior to performance.

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