Hire performers to mingle with guests, creating surprising and delightful moments all night. If you're looking to add energy to a party but limited time in your schedule or space at your venue, consider Roving Entertainment as a flexible solution. Add colour, vibrancy, laughter and delight as performers mingle with your guests. 


What is Roving Entertainment?

Performers hired for roving entertainment are booked for a certain length of time, mingling with guests during this time to provide light, interactive entertainment. Roving Entertainment is more personalised, improvised and directly engaging than other entertainment options.

How should I include Roving Performers at my event?

Roving entertainers suit greeting guests as they arrive, placed at an entrance way or in the foyer of a venue. This can include photo opportunities and provide you with an ice-breaker and instant energy for your event. We suggest hiring performers for 30 - 60 mins, pending how long you expect guests to take to arrive or how long you'd like pre-event drinks or canapes to last for. 

Roving performers also suit events requiring constant or longer lasting engagement, especially for day events and festivals when guests may filter in and out over a few hours. Our options provide a cost effective way of entertaining lots of guests during short, sharp snippets of interaction over a 1 - 3 hour period. Performers do require some break time for longer bookings, but this is often a positive addition as guests should be kept entertained without getting too familiar with the same performer. 

What Roving Entertainment do we suggest?

The best roving entertainment options are those with low risk and more adaptable apparatus that can be combined with a colourful or thematic costume. Click on the items suggested here for more information and photos to inspire your own creative selection or contact us below with some initial event details and we'll let you know what would suit best.

How can Roving Performers suit themed events?

We spend time working on new ways to place roving entertainment options into a variety of themed events, particularly as we strive to delight and surprise guests with such talented performers. We can style costume options and design a character for themed parties, consult on the best venue design to accompany the theme, and select performers whose personality will be the perfect match.

If you'd like to enquire about our Roving Performers options, feel free to submit an online booking request or send an email via

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