Snake Handler

Our Director Sheree is a unique and intoxicating Snake Charmer, a licensed Snake Handler. Add a touch of the vaudeville with a very unexpected and delightful experience.


Sheree provides guests with the chance to introduce her non-venomous pythons to guests in a fun, thematic way, focusing on the welfare of her own snakes; Lola, Albi, Wanda, Elvis, Priscilla, Ursa and Penny.

Our Snake Charmer holds a Wildlife Demonstrator Licence and is authorised to possess and display certain wildlife to the public within Victoria, for the purpose of promoting an understanding of the ecology and conservation of wildlife. Sheree is able to safety travel to your event with her pythons and provide demonstrations for guests including a short performance and presentation, roving and photographs, with cuddles with the snakes available in the right environments. Costumes suit themed events to provide a complete vaudevillian sideshow experience.


Our Snake Handler regularly works on commercial photoshoots and filmshoots, allowing others to work with the snakes in front of the camera, with training provided to models and actors before every session. 

We also attend Kid's Parties as a way of allowing children to learn about and respect reptiles. Not many of us have the chance to touch and cuddle with a gentle, non-venomous python in an environment where both humans and snake are safe and well cared for. These sessions give kids an understanding of how to react to pythons around the Snake Handler as well as in the open. They learn about the snake's eating, sleeping and shedding habits as well as their different personalities.


There's lots to know about pythons so debugging myths and helping guests overcome their apprehension or fear of snakes is one of the best aspects to Snake Handling. They're incredibly strong yet gentle reptiles that often get overlooked as creatures we can live alongside. 

If you'd like to enquire about our Snake Handler, feel free to submit an online quote request or send an email via

Meet the Snakes


Lola is a 6 year old Olive Python and is usually introduced as a gentle giant. Spanning 10ft and steadily growing, she lives up to her reputation as one of the largest pythons in Australia (on par with the Shrub Python). She is a classy showgirl through and through, always very calm and unphased during her time being handled. Lola is popular at events, allowing for many to hold her comfortably side by side for photos with her long length.


Olive Pythons:

Liasis olivaceus, commonly called the olive python, is a python species found in Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland.With adults reaching over 4 m in length, this is Australia's second-largest snake species (surpassed only by the scrub python).Unfortunately, this species is occasionally confused with the venomous king brown snake, Pseudechis Australis, and killed as a consequence. It occurs in rocky areas, gorges and especially rocky areas near sources of water.


With his near pure white scales, flecked with gold and orange, Albi is a favourite for photoshoots and film. Albi is just 2.5 years old and still quite small but will continue to grow into a stunning albino python of 2m. Albi's boggly eyes give him a comical look and he often stares out of his enclosure, making those eyes seem like he sees more than we can imagine!


Albino Darwin Carpet Pythons:

Easily a favourite of most in the reptile world, these stunning snakes are widely sought after and kept. Morelia Spilota Variegata produces a range of caramel through to brown patterns, however it was over 20 years ago that the albino gene started being breed more prominently in Australia. Like the Jungle x Jag pythons, these snakes are best produced by reputable breeders who look for temperament and health in their hatchlings. 


Very unique and not often kept as pets amongst the reptile community are the Water Pythons. These beauties are silky smooth and iridescent when in the light, with yellow bellies, giving them their Rainbow Serpent namesake. Wanda constantly seeks a cheeky nook or warm jumper pocket still at 11 years old. When she's not hiding under her fake grass in the enclosure, she's treated to a swim in the bathtub.


Water Pythons:

Liasis fuscus are typically found in the lagoons of the Kimberley district of northern Western Australia, from around Broome east through Northern Territory, in the Torres Strait, and in Papua New Guinea. They are usually nocturnal, seeking shelter during the day in such things as hollow logs, riverbanks and in vegetation. Adults average about 6–8 feet (2+ meters) in length.

Priscilla and Elvis

Found amongst the rocky outcrops of inland Australia, Priscilla and Elvis were named for their desert ways. They are by far the most relaxed of all the snake babies of the family and will happily hang off your shoulders together all day. During outings to local events, they tend to chase each other over the shoulders of a circle of guests, joining strangers together in a reptile hug!


Centralian Carpet Pythons:

Morelia bredli are found the mountains of southern Northern Territory, the MacDonnell Ranges and associated arid hills, such as those of the Hart and James Ranges. Often called Bredli's, they come pretty close to being the ideal choice for someone looking for a member of the Carpet Python group. They're fine reddish-brown scales and cream through to pale yellow and black markings give them a unique desert look, with contrasting grey-blue-green eyes.


Our black beauty Ursa is a Black-Headed Python, who not only sports a very unique head shape and colour, but its the second largest in the family nearing on 2.7m. She's incredibly gentle natured but is always active in her enclosure, burrowing into any possible nook. Finding and working with a well tempered black-headed python is a real treat, as they sometimes have a name for wrapping onto your arm.

Black-headed Pythons:

Aspidites melanocephalu are unique to Australia with the top of the head being covered by large symmetrical scales. The dorsal scales, which are smooth and glossy, number 50-65 rows at midbody, while there are 315-355 ventral scales, giving them a glossy and smooth finish much like the Water Python. Ursa is from the breed that originate in WA, tending to be larger than those from QLD.


A beautiful example of the carpet python, often considered one of the best species ​for kept pythons, Penny is going on 2.7m-3m in length and has a strong pattern in black and beige. She's very gentle and always moving around her large enclosure. Penny has a wide set head in proportion with her body, but sometimes this can be intimidating for those who meet her for the first time.

Carpet Python:

Morelia spilota mcdowelli is a subspecies of Morelia spilota, commonly known as the carpet python, and are widespread in Australia in eastern Queensland and northeastern New South Wales.

Carpet pythons usually attain lengths of 2.7-over 3m (9–10 feet).

They are frequently found residing in the roofs of houses even in well settled suburban areas, rainforest, wet or dry eucalypt forest, heathland, pasture, agricultural and urban areas.

This large species of python can lay up to 35 eggs which the female will coil herself around.

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