This is one skill that many underestimate. Unicycle is a wonderful skill requiring lots of training and a touch of adventure from the performers who dare to balance on one wheel.


Unicyclists often approach their roving entertainment with a flair of mischievous fun, often as a Clown or Character and even with additional juggling skills. This is a treat for any circus themed event!

Ideally an adequate amount of space is required to get the full benefit out of this fast paced apparatus although it is possible to incorporate them in a stage show.

Unicycling is typically arranged for a 30-60 min roving entertainment timeframe, which allows performers time to have short breaks between tricks to interact with guests and show-off other tricks (often juggling or handbalance).

If you'd like to enquire about a Unicyclist for your event, feel free to submit an online quote request or send an email via info@truckedup.com.au.

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