Trucked Up Entertainment are becoming well known as one of the leading bar and club Entertainment providers in Melbourne, known for their circus and sideshow flavour. 

Director Garrath Holt has long standing reputation in the hospitality industry, approaching all entertainment options from a knowledge of what it means to manage and promote successful clubs nights.

We're happy to chat about regular, weekly entertainment options, building a brand recognition with you as your club night grows. We adapt performance options to the venue, working with spaces provided to us as well as building custom podiums and costume options.

What is Venue + Club entertainment?

Bringing entertainment into clubs and bars can be a highly effective way to keep your night fresh and attractive, for patrons as well as promotion. Performers working within this busy environment are highly adaptable but always put safety first, as performance boundaries can be easily forgotten by patrons. 

How should I include performers?

We suggest booking performers for 5 minute 'pop-up' performance spots to provide a balance between performers and promoters; skilled performance spots are physically demanding and you don't want performances detracting from the overall flow of the night (consider the bar and your DJs). These spots can span 1-3 hour bookings and occur multiple times in the night. 

What Venue + Club entertainers do we suggest?

Entertainment options largely depend on your performance space at the venue and whether you can provide suitable security and safety measures for high risk performance options. We provide safety managers for particular high risk skills given our knowledge of club entertainment and performer safety. Click on the items suggested here for more information and photos to inspire your own creative selection or contact us below with some initial event details and we'll let you know what would suit best. 

How can I incorporate Aerialists at venues?


We can arrange a site visit by a rigger to help determine rigging capabilities, be it for installation of a motorised winch (permanent installation) or a static point using structural beams and slings. 

Typically a site visit to the venue is required to assess safe performance space options and structural capability. We work closely with promoters to ensure their security is well organised and a nominated performer safety manager / rigger is at each event to keep performers safe before, during and after their performance.


We've worked closely with:

We Are Vintage/Cirdcage + Serendipity Sundays (Lux Melbourne)

Secret Garden


Therapy Nightclub + Light, Crown Casino

The Vineyard

The Emerson

Billboards the Venue

Ultraglow + Residence

Simple / Pony


Urban Desi


If you'd like to enquire about our Venue + Club options, feel free to submit an online quote request or send an email via

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