Couples on the search for personalised entertainment to add their one of kind event come to us for specially selected performers and indoor/outdoor hire options. Entertainment that delights guests and captures this wonderful day add so much to the memories of all involved and to the photos from the day. Our vintage truck mobile stages are specifically designed to allow couples the opportunity to design their own rustic or rural wedding and are popular as a unique stage option amongst food trucks for relaxed receptions.


What performance options are best suited?

Wedding entertainment in the realm of circus and sideshow focuses on feature and roving entertainment options, often with a softer approach or a focus on the connection between duo performances. Performance styles are selected to suit the couple's wedding, taking into account their design aesthetic, venue space and budget. We assist further by supplying a Mobile Stage option with sound systems and generators, along with Bands, DJS and MCs. 

How should I include Wedding Entertainers at my event?

First consider when you'd best like to keep your guests entertained. Would you like a grand entrance accompanied by fire twirlers, roving entertainers during canape service, or a feature show to follow the formalities of dinner and to bring the celebration alive?

Roving performers suit weddings looking to greet guests as they arrive, placed at an entrance way or in the foyer of a venue. This can include photo opportunities and provide you with an ice-breaker and instant energy for your day. We suggest hiring performers for 30 - 60 mins, pending how long you expect guests to take to arrive or how long you'd like them to entertain guests while you complete wedding photos.

Then consider Feature Acts and hire items such as our show stopper Mobile Stage, which is suited to provide aerial circus rigging and stage hire for your band or DJ. You may even wish to use this as a stage for speeches.


Feature acts typically run for 5 - 10 mins, pending the type of act and skill base. Some acts can be choreographed to music on request and we go that extra mile to make sure the costume is perfectly suited. Any of our entertainment options are available as a feature act, so be sure to check all performance styles and chat to us about which would suit best in your venue.

How can performers suit our Wedding theme?

We spend time working with performers to style their performance and costume, so we can work with you to ensure they're a perfect fit for the day. We will also hire performers with the right personality and approach so they're a reflection of your choices for the wedding, ensuring all ages are included in this consideration. 

What Wedding Entertainment do we suggest?

Click on the items suggested here for more information and photos to inspire your own creative selection or contact us below with some initial details and we'll let you know what would suit best.

If you'd like to enquire about our Wedding Entertainment options, feel free to submit an online booking request or send an email via

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