German Wheel and Roue Cyr are not often on considered as an option for event entertainment due to their spatial requirements, but they're one of favourite apparatus.


Performers spin and flip within the wheel, creating an hypnotic performances. This can suit feature performances as well as sporadic entertainment at the entrance to your event (as long as you allow for performers to have a break from being upside down!).

Both apparatus best suit indoor surfaces with Roue Cyr best suited to 4 x 4m stages and German Wheel requiring a 12m length for performing tricks back and forth along the straight. Both must have flat surfaces and safety spotters to ensure the performance space is clear from audience members.

Outdoor options are possible on polished or clean concrete pending performer availability with the correct outdoor equipment. 

If you'd like to enquire about a Roue Cyr or German Wheel performer for your event, feel free to submit an online quote request or send an email via info@truckedup.com.au.

Roue Cyr
Geman Wheel