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Always a crowd favourite, performances by high flying aerialists involve an incredible amount of skill and strength by a highly accomplished performer.


Aerialists are the epitome of circus entertainment, performing drops and spins 3m+ in the air with just their apparatus (and lots of arm strength!) to support them. Performances suit feature shows, above crowds and at festivals with our outdoor rigging options. This is a unique service by Trucked Up and we encourage you to consider it for indoor as well as outdoor events with a motorised winch for easy rigging. Go to Mobile Stages for more information. 

Aerialists perform on a wide variety of apparatus and performances can be as short as a 5 min feature act or designed to provide 15 min champagne service. We work with performers to style costumes and music to suit your themed event.

Venues are able to provide aerialist performances with professionally installed rigging. If you’re unsure about how best to check this, we can provide a rigger to assess and quote on any temporary or permanent options. Before you speak with us about this option, here's some pointers about aerial safety and requirements, which can also be checked against any venue engineering or ceiling plans:

  • Minimum ceiling rigging height for the following equipment:

    • Silks / Rope / Hammock / Trapeze / Straps – 5m

    • Lyra Hoop – 3.5m

    • Swinging Pole – 3.5m

  • A single rig point that must have a point or distributed GBL (Guaranteed Breaking Load Limit) of 700kg.

  • Steel has a Safety Factor of 2.5 applied to it, so steel with a GBL of 700kg will have a WWL (Working Load Limit) of around 250kg.

  • For human loading, we apply a Safety Factor of 10 to the GBL of a point, so with a performer of 55kg, plus hardware and gear of up to 15kg, to a total of 70kg, a GBL of at least 700kg is required.

  • An inspection for suitability of rigging may be required.

  • Engineer’s documents may be required, where the rating of a point is not apparent.

  • All rigging for aerial circus acts must be installed by a qualified rigger with knowledge of aerial circus acts.

  • A safety and tech rehearsal must be undertaken by the performer prior to performance.

If you'd like to enquire about an Aerialist or arranging for a rigger to inspect your venue, feel free to submit an online quote request or send an email via

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