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second gear

Shift into second gear and unleash the funk with our dynamic mobile stage packages, designed to create the ultimate cinema experience at your event.

We're taking movie nights to a whole new level.

Set the scene with vintage-style projectors or new age LED screens to evoke a sense of nostalgia and cinematic magic like at the drive-ins. Whether it's an outdoor evening under the stars or an indoor extravaganza, our mobile stages provide the perfect platform for unforgettable movie screenings.

Download our Second Gear Overview and

Technical Specifications


retro cinema

Drive-in cinema for after sunset only, utilising our built-in screen and projector, with Lou-Lou.


day to night cinema

Cinema regardless of rain, hail or shine, with high quality LED screens for a technical reboot to watching movies.

LED screen.jpg


kids vs adults

Ensure no-one fights over the remote by providing audiences with a kids movie AND an adult movie option, at the same time. Back to back screens.

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add ons


make it silent

Headphones for family friendly chill out zone and silent watching.

Silent Cinema.jpg



Flip the PVC screen during 'Retro Cinema' or set the LED screen to the rear of the stage during 'Day to Night Cinema', to enable live entertainment on the stage before the showing.

Band to Projector Screening excl stage extension.jpg



trellis frame

Frame and decor the screening with our white trellis frame, for Betsy only

trellis 2.jpg


Head direct to our quoting and booking platform to lodge your query and formalise a booking with the girls.

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