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We’re that person at a party everyone is attracted to. They tell a good story, they’re exciting to be around, they express themselves boldly and live their lives fully.

Likewise, our entertainers, trucks, and out-there shows consistently draw a crowd and get people talking long after home time. And it’s not just the showmanship that sets us apart;

it’s the people behind the scenes who get their hands (and occasionally minds) dirty turning mad ideas into bespoke experiences.


Our team of entertainers, stage managers, lighting and sound technicians, videographers, photographers, music directors, costume designers, event management and social media gurus support Sheree and Garrath in delivering one-of-a-kind,

all-round awesome events across Victoria.


From concepts to costumes, the team is involved in every inch of our events

and loving every minute of it.

part agency, events
production co. and ringmaster – a creatively
diverse and well-connected crew of people who know
how to put on a show

Swinging Pole in Tokyo Solo_edited.jpg

on the trucks

hub of ideas

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