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history of the Dodge

The Dodge D5N trucks have a long connection to the Australian landscape, travelling from town to town, hauling equipment, cargo, and sometimes, elephants. It is this love of the vintage, bought together with a passion for the new, the exciting, the daring, that keeps us working hard to bring you Trucked Up Entertainment. The first official imports of Dodge to Australia began in Adelaide in 1915. During World War II, the Dodge/Chrysler assembly lines were used to build parts for the Australian war effort. Dodge also began work on its first light-duty factory-built pickup in the early '40s, the first of their trucks.

Ashtons Circus.jpg
Ashtons Circus 2

Back in the day, the circus would come to town. The trucks rolled in, and the big top rose. Kids lost their minds and the adults their inhibitions, welcoming the flamboyant and the fantastically freakish into their ordinary lives. They never knew what to expect, only that it would be different – a once-a-year joyride from life’s daily grind.


And while the circus is now a rarity, the hunger for unique entertainment is alive and kicking. We still crave excitement. We still seek the extraordinary. So, when you inject a piece of the circus into places least expected, life gets interesting. Curiosity piques. Endorphins soar. 

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We explore the history and capability of these beautiful Dodge trucks through our mobile stage packages. 

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