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daytime entertainment

ideas to tickle your fancy when it comes to festivals, family friendly entertainment, pop-up activations and roving entertainment
Pretty in Pink
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Feathers and diamonds, bubbles and more!

The perfect addition to any themed event is a host or model or kids entertainer, decked out in a unique costume to match.

Urban Jams

Unique to Trucked Up, this jam session includes Roue Cyr, BMX tricksters and unicycle. All inspired by the wheel! Ideal for polished concrete or stage flooring, we do 20 min improvised sets, with a boom box or DJ nearby for tunes. See our video of the crew HERE

One for the Grown-Up Kids
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We have giant bubbles, bubble mermaids, LED bubble girls, stilt walking bubble makers, contortionists and ballerinas with bubbles, not to mention bubble machine hire. If you're looking to add energy to a themed party or festival event, bubbles will absolutely add vibrancy, laughter, and delight.

Two-High Acrobats
Duo Adagio.jpg

Adagio is the performance of partner acro-balance poses and tricks, typically duo performances, but also available are trio groups and three high balances. 

Adagio can be adapted for roving entertainment and many of our performers are also trained clowns who make their incredible feats both fun and interactive.

Burst of Colour
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Experience a kaleidoscope of colours and a whirl of enchanting movement by booking our Silk fan, Poi, and Wings. See a video in action HERE.

Multi-skilled Jesters
Unicycle Juggling.jpg

Unicyclists often approach their roving entertainment with a flair of mischievous fun, often with additional juggling skills. This is a treat for any circus-themed event.

need more?

check our quick pick catalogue of entertainment skills to narrow down more of your ideas, then point us in the direction of what you're after
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evening entertainment

for the daring and the big kids who like to play, these entertainment ideas have the thrill of the unknown, for roving and feature shows
Go Upside Down
Swinging Pole in Tokyo Solo_edited.jpg

One of a king, custom made by Trucked Up, our LED swinging pole is not just for the club scene. We would love more clients to embrace this incredibly athletic dance form. Pole is often only associated with the adult industry but has been a staple in the circus industry through Chinese Pole and Swinging Pole apparatus.

Ham it Up

It's no lie that we love to ham it up with a bit of costume sparkle or a touch of nudity, for the right crowd of course. We had a near nude marching band parade through the middle of a private function, to get the party started. Take a peek at the event footage HERE. We can cover them up if you want a more family friendly option! 

Go Left of Centre

Many of our favourite, awe-inspiring entertainers travel the country showcasing their unique and (often) tongue in cheek feature shows. We featured this beer keg aerial apparatus at a corporate function last year to kick start the festivities, rather than waiting later in the night.


Experience artists can warm up even the most shy audiences with acts designed for fringe festival tents.

Light Up the Night
LED Bubbles.jpg

One of our most popular roving entertainment options, our LED bubble girls can host, pose for photos, and add some colour and fun bubbles to the event space. See them in action HERE.

Go Sideshow
Knife Throwing Act.jpg

Classic sideshow daredevils, need we say more?

Make it a Double
Duo Hammock.jpg

Aerials can be performed as a duo, using lyra hoops to hammock, silks and straps. Choreography is key, so be sure you check the video of the act beforehand, as we have some M-rated duo acts available!

need more?

check our quick pick catalogue of entertainment skills to narrow down more of your ideas, then point us in the direction of what you're after
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