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first gear

Kickstart your event with our dynamic first gear mobile stage packages, specifically designed to deliver everything you need for a memorable live music experience. We understand that the heart and soul of any event is the electrifying energy of live bands and DJs, and we've got you covered.

With top-notch stage hire and professional sound systems, we provide all you need to get the party started. Add optional extras, customize the experience, and let the music take centre stage.

Download our First Gear Overview and

Technical Specifications



For all day events, where we set up and pack down the stage, and that’s it.

almost naked.jpg


coolest band stage ever

For 3-4 hour events, where we do all the heavy lifting to get the show on the road.

bands on stage.jpg


two birds,
one truck

Everything strapped to the truck. 3-4 hour events, travelling between two locations on the same day.

one truck.jpg


regional roots

Touring 3 town centres across the weekend with the crew and their sleeping bags. Suitable for 3-4 hour event duration each day.

regional 2.jpg
gear 1.png

add ons



trellis frame
+ decor

Betsy with Trellis (1).jpg



Band to Projector Screening excl stage extension.jpg







bands on stage.jpg


Head direct to our quoting and booking platform to lodge your query and formalise a booking with the girls.

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