Be transported to a land of the imaginary, for young and old to enjoy, with cross over between true circus performance, street shows and fringe arts. Puppeteers and puppetry can break the boundaries between the real world and make believe, while adding colour, vibrancy, laughter and delight to events and festivals. 


How should I include Puppetry at my event?

Some puppetry is designed for a gathered audience and stage set up, much like a sideshow performance, while others are hired for 1 or 2 hours to roam freely amongst festival goers. Pending your event type and venue location, we will suggest the most suitable options and guide you with structuring their performance time amongst your event schedule.

How can Puppeteers suit themed events?

With a vast array of puppetry options, costumes and performance styles, we can select puppetry for your themed event or have a new puppet commissioned. With community events and festivals being so diverse in their theme selection and catering to all guests, puppets often appeal to a broad audience or can be selected from a list of puppet designs.

If you'd like to enquire about our Puppetry options, feel free to submit an online booking request or send an email via info@truckedup.com.au.

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